Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Semi-homemade Sticky Buns

Instead of spending $5 per roll at a gourmet shop, consider making this semi-homemade version at home. I serve mine with a side of fruit and a large glass of milk for breakfast on the weekend.

What you need:
1 bag frozen cinnamon rolls (I use Rhodes brand)
1 stick butter
1 C brown sugar
1 C diced pecans
Plastic wrap
Cooking spray

How to:
Melt butter in a microwave safe dish. Then dip in brush and uses a scant amount of the butter to coat the inside of a standard 9X12 cake pan. Take the remaining butter and mix in the brown sugar, stir until well mixed. Pour mixture into the bottom of the pan. Now sprinkle the diced pecans over the top (you may adjust this as per your preferences), do not mix. Take the frozen cinnamon rolls and place them on top of the nuts/sugar/butter layer. I can fit 6-8 in my pan and have enough room....but no more. Take a piece of plastic wrap and spray 1 side with pam. Place the sprayed side towards the rolls (not on them) to cover the pan. This will keep the rolls from sticking to the wrap as they rise overnight. Place pan on stovetop under the light (or another warm area of the kitchen) and allow them to rise while you sleep. When you wake, bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Once baked, turn them over to serve (I tend to use my pan lid, then a spatula to move them to a nicer plate).

As for what to do with the remaining rolls and frosting....why not make a second pan of just regular rolls for those who don't like nuts.

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